Easy Gets Harder to do every day.

I don’t know any industry that seeks uncertainty in what they do, but I have come to embrace uncertainty in  photography assignments.

My freelance commercial and editorial photography career has made me comfortable with a lot of uncertainty. But it has reached a point where much of the photography work I do has become easy, and the benefits that this affords : efficiency, predictability and authority are now an every day occurrence. I am no longer white-knuckling it until the next month,  as I have built a repeat client base that sustains me through the lean periods and I have enough perspective to know that there will continue to be a demand for what I do; even after AI guts some genres of freelance photography. Continue reading “Easy Gets Harder to do every day.”

Commercial Event Photographer

Commercial event photographer | Ed Carreon Photography:

When I wear my corporate photographer hat I shoot business lifestyle images or board room narratives for my corporate clients or industry workers for annual reports or CSR’s. But the funnest work I do is when I put on my commercial  event photographer hat, like the assignment I just shot for Chevron.

I was asked to cover a couple Chevron’s Soccer Camps with the specific request to show the fun and emotion that happens at the camps. I am not a sports photographer which the client understood. Continue reading “Commercial Event Photographer”

Corporate Headshots and Portraits

I am beginning to get requests for corporate  headshots and portraits that are out of the ordinary and that reflect authenticity. Often clients will see images on my website and ask me to duplicate the style or they will tell me “We want the portraits to be different. More authentic and stylistically different than what we normally see in corporate headshots”.

These are the clients I most want to work for because they will take a little risk and give me license to dome something more interesting than a typical corporate headshot and portraits They will also pay more money for what they want. They are the clients that I most love working with because it becomes a challenge; something I am in great need of these days. Continue reading “Corporate Headshots and Portraits”

Astronomy Art Project around Gravitational Wave

Gravitational waves, Kip Thorne, Gravity, Realativity
Prototype art piece of scientists using PROXY subject as proof of concept.

Easy gets hard and harder to do every day. 

The project was born out of a restlessness with my current profession as a full-time commercial photographer; a lot of it has gotten easy, and EASY can be dangerous for any artist when the work becomes routine and sometimes boring.  So I needed a challenge that was so far out of my league it would result in daily failures with only incremental successes. I needed to learn again. Continue reading “Astronomy Art Project around Gravitational Wave”

Commercial Photography Assignment

This was a tough but satisfying commercial photography assignment because I got to use all my production and many of my photography skills.

The assignment was for Ventura Foods, Inc., which originally was going to be a commercial photography food shoot with chefs, then evolved into a chef shoot along with an industrial photography shoot and then evolved into a chef, industrial  and business lifestyle assignment during one of our first production meetings. Continue reading “Commercial Photography Assignment”

Microvention multi genre healthcare photography project

Healthcare photography assignment

Microvention called me to ask if I would be interested doing a healthcare photography project shooting images for their branding needs and content library.

The assignment was originally just images of surgeons using their technology but became much larger after we started talking. They saw my business lifestyle images as well as pharmaceutical work and thought I could handle all their needs during a three day shoot.

Continue reading “Microvention multi genre healthcare photography project”

Sabo, the artist for the Weekly Standard


 Phillip Chalk, art director at The Weekly Standard called me and asked me if I could shoot an editorial portrait of the Alt-Right artist Sabo, famous for his clever guerrilla street art mocking or poking fun at prominent political figures perceived to be on the left of the political spectrum.

He needed cover a photograph on his desk within five hours of the phone call and there was no budget for an assistant; sigh,…… So I rushed out of the house with all my lights knowing I probably would not have enough time to do a full editorial production, but I have been wrong before.

Continue reading “Sabo, the artist for the Weekly Standard”