Medical Properties Trust

Commercial Architectural Photography for Medical Properties Trust.

I had a cool three day assignment for Medical Properties Trust to do primarily architectural photography a St. Josephs Medical Center near Los Angeles, CA. It was difficult to clean because of fluctuating weather patterns and it was at the height of the Covid pandemic.Fortunately, I shot mostly outside and the interiors where I did work were not fully occupied for the most part.  The really challenge was the weather and foot and car traffic; something that is always challenging as an architectural photographer in Los Angeles. 

 I had raced to get a key image shot at dusk so I could get the glow from the bell tower below the cross but the interior light was so dim that I had to wait until after dark for the light to register. Nevertheless it worked and added some a nice accent light to the key image. The other challenge during during this photo assignment  was to create interesting architectural image of a building  still under construction in Bakersfield. I think, if it were not for these creative challenges, I would not find my work so interesting. In fact, not that I am older, I have come to recognized that it is overcoming the photographic challenges that make satisfying. 

The greater the challenge the greater the satisfaction.