Utility Trailers for Triple L Trailers

For many years I did work that I already knew how to do, and the level of challenge in my career was minimal, but now I have reached a level where commercial industrial product photography clients are comfortable asking me to shoot things that are not evident on my website. Trailers in this case. 

For this project I worked with L Street Design and Strategy to create new branded images for Triple L Trailers. To be honest, I had never photographed trailers before but had a good conceptual knowledge of what I had to do to get what they wanted. Having done an industrial product photography for some time, I knew I needed to scale up the smaller industrial products I had been shooting; kind of. I also knew there would be things I did not know, so I brought in the right people to make sure my plan and execution of the commercial industrial product photography was flawless. 

The set was built in Triple L’s warehouse in Chino, CA where they had an existing white wall that was 14 feet tall which we used as our background. Then we dropped a lot of white paper for an all white background. Additionally, my first assistant hung a 20′ x 20′ silk above the trailers and added two 12′ by 20′ silks along side the trailers; The largest which was 22′ feet long. Ugh….

Originally, Triple L wanted me to shoot the trailers from the side but we were short on room, so as a compromise, Triple L agreed to shooting the trailers at an oblique angle to compress the geometry of their foot prints and showed two sides and the top of the trailers. That done then we had to fork lift all the trailers into place and replace the paper often. The total team was three assistants and myself who worked 12 hour days over a period of four days to shoot all the trailers. The client loved the end results but then requested that we add drop shadows for all the trailers.