Commercial Photography

Medical Product Photography

Medical product photography shot for PBS Scientific. Featured here are bioreactors used to propagate stem cells for gene thera

Aerospace Project for Relativity Space

The aerospace photography project was to photograph Relativity Space‘s 4 Generation 3D Printer for its public debut and

Business Lifestyle Photography for Corporations.

Business Lifestyle for Corporations and institutions. Ed is hired to shoot business lifestyle images because people want conf

Utility Trailers for Triple L Trailers

For many years I did work that I already knew how to do, and the level of challenge in my career was minimal, but now I have r

Industrial Product Photographer

Industrial Product Photography for Boeing Helicopter Tail Fin photographed at Boeing facility in Phoenix, AZ Several day indus

Industrial Product Photography

Industrial Project Photography Project for Boeing Aircraft Gear box shot during multi-day industrial project shooting refurbis

Cool project for Industrial Photography in Los Angeles

Some times I get a super interesting project shooting  industrial photography in Los Angeles; in this case for  the industr

Easy Gets Harder to do every day.

I don’t know any industry that seeks uncertainty in what they do, but I have come to embrace uncertainty in  photograph

Commercial Photography Assignment

This was a tough but satisfying commercial photography assignment because I got to use all my production and many of my photo

Industrial Photographer for Edeniq content project

Edeniq Biofuels  had an industrial photography assignment   for which the needed to create content for  its new website.

Corporate Photography Assignment for Virgin Galactic

On my first corporate photography assignment for Virgin Galactic (The Space Ship Company) we had a really big work load to com