Pharmaceutical Photography

Pharmaceutical Photography of Package Products and Process

This was what I consider pharmaceutical photography because the company, Excel Scientific, made clean products for the pharmaceutical industry.

This was a three day shoot for Excel to create photographic content for their new website. They wanted a healthcare and industrial photographer who could work quickly and create images on the fly of their products and processes. I worked in consultation with their creative agency; Orange Sprocket out of San Francisco. 

At first I did not see much to photograph until I started working directly with the CEO who guided me from process images to product images. As is often the case, I had to find the beauty in what was otherwise an uninteresting scene at first glance. I was happy with the outcome and the helpful creativity of the CEO who art directed much of the shoot. Very unusual for the grand Pubah to get so hands on but the company was small enough where she could aff.ord to get into it with me

Initially, I had comps to go by with specific ideas about what I would photograph, but I got redirected on the ground as the images got reconsidered in light of their new marketing strategy. So I adapted. The CEO worked directly with me on the third day to fill holes in the new website.  I shot to a laptop so she could see the photographs in real time and which holes they would fill. It was pretty cool getting directed by the CEO because there was no second guessing what she wanted and we worked in sync with each other on the project the whole time. 

She was super hands on but  gave me complete creative freedom to execute my ideas as I saw fit. As a result the Orange Sprocket crew was very pleased with the results. I really enjoyed this pharmaceutical photography assignment for the cool photographic challenges that I encountered. The truth is that because Excel is a small company they had great flexibility in creating the images and I did not encounter some of the obstacles I might have had at a large pharmaceutical company.