Office Headshots

Office Headshots in Los Angeles

For office headshots in Los Angeles we create a variety office portraits styles, from classical office portraits to more personalized business portraits for branding and strategic content campaigns. For this office headshot assignment we photographed dozens of people during the corse of a two days, after which we had the backgrounds removed. We then replaced photographic backgrounds with ones that we photographed at the client’s corporate offices. This option allows corporations to repurpose corporate headshots for a variety of usages from editorial to marketing use.


All subjects had makeup applied and clothing reviewed prior to being the photography session. Additionally, we retouched every headshot. 


The separation of backgrounds was subcontracted out to a post production artist for efficiency and then we placed the backgrounds and finessed the details. It is now possible to shoot dozens of office headshots in a day and have all the backgrounds replaced through post.


For office headshots in Los Angeles, We, most often, go to the client’s office where we set up a mobile studio and shoot either environmental portraits or corporate portraits. For large groups of people we usually shoot several backgrounds at the client’s office building for later placement into office portraits. We can also choose from a variety of backgrounds from our own photo library. 


We do individual portrait sessions as well. For individuals seeking business headshots we also shoot individual business portraits in our studio where we offer the same care and attention to detail as our on location portraits. 


Our office headshot services are competitive with photographer’s of equal merit. 


Deliverables include the following:


1. Make up.
2. One Adobe web gallery.
3. Shoot to laptop for review
4. No fixed amount of images shot.
5. Lighting (strobe and or reflectors)
6. Delivery of final images via Dropbox
7. Background (white or gray seamless options)
8. $2,000,000.00 liability insurance
9. Retouching for one portrait for person.
10. Delivery within 7 working days of final client selection. 
11. Assistant (depends on the job)
12. Seamless gray background
13. One fully optimized and final jpeg image/portrait per person. 36″ X 24  @ 240 dpi
14.Uup to 20 minutes per person in front of camera.