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Commercial event photographer | Ed Carreon Photography:

When I wear my corporate photographer hat I shoot business lifestyle images or board room narratives for my corporate clients or industry workers for annual reports or CSR’s. But the funnest work I do is when I put on my commercial  event photographer hat, like the assignment I just shot for Chevron.

I was asked to cover a couple Chevron’s Soccer Camps with the specific request to show the fun and emotion that happens at the camps. I am not a sports photographer which the client understood.

What the art director really wanted was the emotions, fun and engagement among the players and coaches, and I did just that. The coaches were dynamic, engaging and driven to teach and the kids were kinetic an ebulent and fun, so I had all the elements a photojournalist needs to create great images for a commercial client.

Overall I had an easy time of it because there were so many genuine moments. That said,  my time as a photojournalist taught me how to anticipate moments of human interaction like which side heads will fall when you anticipate two people hugging or when there will be an emotional reaction after an event or who is most likely to emote in the most visual way. All this contributes to the success of an as a commercial event photographer.

event photographer anticipates moment of victory.

Girls celebrate a soccer goal at the Chevron Soccer Camp in Los Angeles.

commercial event photographer shows inspiring moment at event.

building team spirit at corporate sponsored event

commercial event photographer campers real moment at event

Event staff have fun with kids at soccer event.

Commercial event photography captures sports at soccer camp event.

Kids play matches at soccer camp.

photograph of real moments

Team mates celebrate their victory at the Chevron Soccer Camp event.

real moments at soccer camp event.

Coaches engage with youth at Chevron Soccer camp event

Event photography of authentic moments.

Team mates have fun at a soccer camp sponsored by Chevron who asked me to show the “fun and drama” as I photographed the event.

A teaching moment captured by commercial event photographer

Coach tries to teach a soccer lesson at a soccer camp event.

event photographer get the perfect moment at soccer camp.

Soccer practice at soccer camp.

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