Business Lifestyle Photography for Corporations.

Business Lifestyle for Corporations and institutions. 

Ed is hired to shoot business lifestyle images because people want confidence their expectations will be met. Wether he is working in a corporate boardroom or choreographing images, Ed is always aiming for authenticity. Do these images represent what actually happens and tell a story that is meaningful to the client? That is what you should be asking of any photographer. 

The next question a corporate client should ask is how do you work? How do you get the images that I need? 

Sometimes, Ed works alone, quietly in the background making pictures of real events and sometimes images need to be choreographed and he works with a small crew. In either case the photographs need to look authentic and not like stock imagery. Business lifestyle photography is the business of authenticity of events. 

Ed’s clients draw confidence from the breadth of his work and years of experience. They also lean on him to pull together productions with minimal friction and great effect.