Industrial Photographer on Assignment in Los Angeles

As an industrial photographer on assignment in Los Angeles, I get a lot of really interesting assignments, one of which was recently at a waste disposal facility.

It was right up my ally with lots of moving parts to a large industrial project where I got to photograph a pipe laying project designed by my client Weaver Consultants who were there to facilitate me creating marketing images.

Making pictures of human labor and ingenuity make me happy because I get to use all my story-telling skills on a moving target. I guess you could say that I get to be a hunter of images in a stream of activities where I gather enough to tell a story. One of the great things about being an industrial photographer on assignment in Los Angeles is that there are so many kinds of industry ranging from aerospace to waste management facilities to work in.

Everything is constantly moving and I have to anticipate the next page before it happens or, on occasion, choreograph an image that is representative of the activity. It pleases me greatly to create industrial photography images of something to tangible as  industry in motion.

The work requires as much spontaneity as it does planning and anticipation of events so that when just the right image happens I have the right equipment and settings to execute a perfectly exposed image with just enough fill flash and at just the right angle to make an image I can feel good about.