Los Angeles Event Photographer

Being a Los Angeles event photographer can be interesting because I often I get hired to shoot an assignment that mixes my skill sets. In this case, it was corporate event photography and architectural photography and I had a great time shooting the Yamaha exhibit during the NAMM Convention in Anaheim. The event designer, Freeman.com, wanted me to capture both their design work and the people at the event while maintaining the light scheme of the designers. That meant no flash photography. 

 I guess they made a lucky find in me because most architectural photographers do not shoot event photography. I am a bit of a hybrid. 

As a Los Angeles event photographer I am really being asked to tell a story . It is using my photojournalism skills to tell a story for commercial usage, and although there are comical sensibilities at play, it is still a story being told by a photographer. I liked this assignment because they just cut me loose to come up with images that were consistent with their style board. The music and the crowds were great, although I could have used more joyous interaction between people.