Pharmaceutical Photo Details shots

Pharmaceutical photo detail shots are useful to my clients who hire me to shoot images for their corporate libraries, but almost universally, the client has an idea of what they would like to capture, but they almost always forget the closeup detail image for the shot list. These kinds of images were hardwired into my head when I grew up in the business as a photojournalist. There was always the decisive moment, the overall scene setter, the medium shot, a portrait,  a long shot, and then the detail shot of the stories. A close-up of an elemental aspect of the story.  This is how I break down the shot list I am given before the pharma photography assignment begins. In all cases, I just stumble onto the image without forethought. The whole hierarchy of story images is now part of how I see the world Attached are some Pharmaceutical Photo Details shots I made while on assignment for pharmaceutical clients. I look for color and patterns or some solid graphic element that makes the image stand on its own.  These detailed images have great longevity in corporate image libraries, and clients love the photos for their utility. For this reason, I always carry a macro lens for shooting extreme close-ups. When I shoot healthcare or pharmaceutical photo assignments, I find these images abundant in laboratories and scientific environments. In a future post, I will post other aspects of the pharmaceutical shoots mentioned here and how I execute the images, as well as my rationale for making them. Often, I just know the image is a keeper when I see it, and never ever think about it its merit, and other times, I have to choreograph an image that I have imagined but that is representative of what happens in the laboratory.