Industrial Product Photography

Industrial Project Photography Project for Boeing Aircraft

These images were shot for The Boeing Company for marketing reconditioned helicopter parts. With industrial product photography we are often having to improvise everything on the fly. We shot everything from shiny black  helicopter rotor blades small gear boxes. The assignment was extremely challenging and I had to call on all might lighting knowledge to make such a diverse array of parts look cool. 

I typically shoot people within an industrial environment so never thought I would end up doing industrial product photography, but the lighting challenges are so diverse that I never get bored and the money is good; so here I am. Boeing loved the work and now we are soon off to Dallas to shoot helicopter engines. 

I am always amazed what my clients think I can do which used to worry me until I figured out that, after 30 years in the industry, I know more than I realize and that I know and that I don’t know a lot of things so I bring in folks who know more than I do, like how to hang a camera from 18 feet in the air on a menace pole. Yikes. I never say that coming but how else were we going to shoot a helicopter rotor blade? Boeing was cool to work for since I could wear jeans all day and getting dirty was expected. Even the clients got their hands dirty. 

My crew is the best because I am always learning from them and they work very hard for as long as the photography project takes.