Aerospace Project for Relativity Space

The aerospace photography project was to photograph Relativity Space‘s 4 Generation 3D Printer for its public debut and they needed a beautiful rendition of the technology for this purpose. 

My aerospace photography and industrial photography experience came in handy since the printer was a whopping 25 ft tall. For this we used about 10,000 watts of lights mounted on two 25ft tall towers and shot through a 20X30 ft silk mounted on two more 25ft tall towers, 4,000 watts in the background and 1,000 for the foreground.  I knew in theory how to light the robot but had not scaled the idea to this size before. Hence I brought in three photography assistants with movie and car experience to pull off this project safely and efficiently. 

There were four setups, that day. Three of the printer and a 4th shooting a smaller robotic printer. We had no close calls and everything went as planned. Of course I had a week to plan the project and an amazing teem.

This is the my favorite kind of aerospace photography project because there is so much at stake and it demands all of my attention to plant for every eventuality. The thought of forgetting something critical was have been extremely expensive and detrimental to my career. In short, there was no room for failure. On top of that there was a video crew filming the whole project so I did feel a bit a pressure to perform.