Industrial Product Photographer

Industrial Product Photography for Boeing

As an industrial product photographer in Los Angeles, I am often called to do things I have never which makes my life very interesting and interesting is more important to me than money these days. I love doing photography projects that challenge me in ways I have never been challenged before. Challenges are one of the things that makes my life meaningful.

So when Boeing was looking for an industrial product photographer to shoot helicopter parts in Phoenix, AZ, we got the job.

We had some interesting problems to solve and some very happy clients. 

Although my photography studio is based in Los Angeles, I am asked to travel for some clients. My favorite jobs are when I get to work on problems I have not encountered before. The first problem to solve was work flow, so we  built two sets; one for small parts and another for large parts .  While my assistants set up large shots, I shot the small products and then switched to the large set when everything was in place. 

The second problem was that we did not know the full size of the products, so when we learned they needed an 18 foot rotor blade photographed we had to rent and rig a menace boom to get the camera high enough to shoot the blade. We then had long extensions cables so we could seen the blades in live view and adjust the camera.  Thank goodness I brought the right assistants with me for the job. 

Lastly, we had to shoot black enamel coated tail assemblies and make them look pretty. That required changing the lighting scheme from large soft boxes to large foam core flats build around the objects. Had not done that before but it helps that I have been a photographer for a long time, so figuring out problems is easier.