Lufthansa Editorial Assignment for Planet Magazine

Lufthansa’s Planet Magazine asked me to photograph Orlando Wong of Able Freight; one of their freight customers. The editorial assignment was for portraits and reportage of agricultural operations that produce strawberries for shipment world wide via Lufthansa air freight, hence  the combination of  Photojournalism and Portrait work.

They wanted a photographic look consistent with my website, which means, they wanted what I do. When clients tell me they want what I do it always feels good.

As usual in editorial assignments,  I was not sure what to expect on the ground, but I had an idea for a portrait in the field of strawberries.

Editorial assignment

Orlando Wong and grower David on 400 acres of strawberries destine to be shipped worldwide via Lufthansa Cargo.

For lighting we used a large silk suspended on a mambo combo stand for the portraits and then just some speed light fill flash on the reportage aspects of the assignment. This editorial assignment was important to me because it’s success held the potential for more work down the line if I did a great job, so I  brought battery powered lights just in case my idea for the silk did not work out.  

editorial portrait assignment

Editorial portrait assignment of Orlando Wong of Able Freight, who ships California fruit via Lufthansa Cargo. Shot for Planet Magazine

I have since done two other assignments for them; one in Los Angeles and another in Texas. 

The lens and camera setup were a Nikon D810 with a 24mm-70mm Nikon zoom lens; my standard work horse lens.   Additionally, we shot to iPad so I could see what we were getting, and the clouds in the background were placed in post-production because the image was not interesting enough to me without them. 

editorial photojournalism

Strawberry workers in California

I think that clients expect a certain amount of digital skill sets from the photographers they hire. Even thought some fo the images are photojournalistic in nature, commercial clients expect the photographer to bring more to the table than just  to complete the bare minimum of expectation. We have to bring something extra to the table. 

Photojournalism assignment

Strawberries grown at Driscoll Farms in Santa Maria

For these images and story, nothing but the portrait was set up, although I would have choreographed if necessary since editorial and commercial clients do not have the budget  for me to wait around until I find just the right moment. Here everything just came into place. 

Agricultural Editorial Photography

Strawberry workers in California

I love assignments that require mixed skill sets and intense work schedules because I enjoy the felling of being spent at the end of the day. You can see more of my editorial photography

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