Annual Report Photography

I recently completed an annual report photography assignment for Alta Gas and the job was to find images at one of their facilities suitable for their AR. So, I just wandered around for six hours looking for what I could see. I think I like the discovery process  the most. I love it when my job is just to hunt for beautiful images.

And what I don’t discover I imagine and set to work finding out if the scene I image is plausible and realistic. Then I indirectly choreograph the scene.

My corporate clients don’t pay me to sit and wait for an image to walk by, so I often find myself asking questions “how do I choreography something realistic?” And I ask people questions like “what are these cool chains for?” or “do you ever work on this device?” with the intention of choreographing a plausible scene that would otherwise happen when I am not around.  I think my clients hire me to do annual report photography because I can create images that represent reality beautifully. I have even used my assistants as subjects when there was no technicians around to demonstrate what they do.

In the scene above I asked one of the technicians what the very large wrench on the wall was for and then asked him if he could show me where he would use it. The funny thing is that that picture was not nearly as good as this grab shot as he headed out the door to show me.

annual report photography worker

The plant was shut down for maintenance and there were few people around so my steadfast assistant found some technicians clothes in a locker room that fit him. The picture is representative of what happens but would never of happened if I did not use some ingenuity.

The background actually blow out so I had to use multiple exposures to bring in the sky and background details.

annual report photography refinery

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