Clean Energy Fuels Photoshoot

We recently completed a corporate and industrial photography assignment for  Energy Fuels via Los Angeles based design firm Area Lab.

The Clean Energy folks were great to work with and their corporate office was well lit and beautifully designed, which made my work a bit easier. Also the subjects at their fueling facilities were easy to work with and the design firm, Area Lab‘s creative director knew what he wanted but was open to my ideas, which made for a great working relationship.

I love doing annual reports and sustainability reports because it allows me to use a broad range of my skill sets and tests my organizational and technical skills. Corporate and industrial photography assignments are always interesting because I never know what problems I am challenged to solve.

Annual report cover photography

Cover portrait for annual report of Clean Energy

In this case we started early in the morning with the intention of shooting our cover subject with the rising sun behind him. That can be a bit tricking sometimes because of the contrast ratio between the subject and the background is often too great.. In this case, the trees in the background reduced the glare just enough to make it the image workable and we used reflectors and a negative fill to shape the light on the subject. We put finishing touches on  with a bit of post production.

Industrial photography assignment

Warehouse staff at Clean Energy Fuels

The art director from Area Lab asked me to make the warehouse images dynamic so I shot on a low shutter speed here to blur the images.  The same goes for the yard image below. I added the clouds to sky to add an element that fit into the company’s environmental narrative .

Industrial Photography Assignment

Fueling Station at Clean Energy Fuels

This corporate and industrial photography assignment was rewarding because Clean Energy Fuels needed both business lifestyle and industrial images for the shoot. Additionally my client, the design firm, needed the images clean up in post production to present the best possible images to Clean Energy Fuels.

Annual Report Photography

Office staff at work at Clean Energy Fuels

corporate photography

Office staff at Clean Energy Fuels

Corporate Photography

IT staff at Clean Energy Fuels

Annual Report Photography

Business staff at Clean Energy Fuels

Annual Report Photography

Business staff at Clean Energy Fuels

Busienss Lifestyle photography

Clean Energy Fuels

industrial photography assignment

Maintenance works at Clean Energy fuels








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