Healthcare Photography Assignment

Healthcare Photography Assignment

HealthCare Photography

USC Keck healthcare photography for a marketing campaign

Just delivered the final  images from a healthcare photography assignment for USC Keck Hospital in Los Angeles.

Keck was organized and clear about what they wanted which made my life much easier. Everybody was great to work with. We had a small production team on this healthcare photography assignment: Stylist, makeup artist, two assistants, and one intern. This healthcare photography assignment went well because Keck was so organized and had chosen great models.

HealthCare Photography

Nurse at USC Keck hospital for healthcare photography for a marketing campaign

The art director had a clear idea of what kind of photographs he wanted because we had scouted a week before and chose the locations with the best lighting potential,  created a shot and set list and went into detail about what art director wanted.

The morning of the shoot, we arrived before sunrise, established the sets and cast, shot nurses and doctors with patients for about three hours in front of the building because the morning light was so beautiful. I don’t think we used any strobes that day; just big reflectors and silks because of the beautiful bounced light from the buildings.

Healthcare photography

Doctor at USC Keck Hospital branding campaign.

Healthcare Photography

Healthcare photography assignment for Keck Hospital.

healthcare photography

Physical therapist at USC Keck Hospital for Healthcare photography assignment.

Afterward, we moved inside to photograph doctors in examination rooms where the window light was the best. There we used just silks on the windows to diffuse direct sunlight and reflectors on out subjects. For review, we shot to an iPad. A very useful tool when you need to move fast and produce a lot of imagery.

I cannot think of anything I would have done differently on this healthcare photography assignment because everything went so smoothly and the client was happy with the images.

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