Sabo, the artist for the Weekly Standard


 Phillip Chalk, art director at The Weekly Standard called me and asked me if I could shoot an editorial portrait of the Alt-Right artist Sabo, famous for his clever guerrilla street art mocking or poking fun at prominent political figures perceived to be on the left of the political spectrum.

He needed cover a photograph on his desk within five hours of the phone call and there was no budget for an assistant; sigh,…… So I rushed out of the house with all my lights knowing I probably would not have enough time to do a full editorial production, but I have been wrong before.

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Lufthansa Assignment

Editorial photojournalism for World Magazine

Part 1: Editorial Photography Assignment, Sulpher Springs, TX

The folks at Planet Magazine asked me to do a two-part editorial photography project for them in Texas. The subjects were Lufthansa executives in Huston and Vanessa Moreau-Sipiere who owns Centurion Freight Forwarding, in Sulpher Springs, TX, which specializes in shipping horses and cattle to the middle east.

I am told it is unusual for a woman to perform this role with middle eastern clients but she seems to fit right in. She actually flies with all the horses she and her family raise on the family ranch and delivers them personally. She is young, capable and runs the business alone. This is probably my favorite editorial photography assignment of the year.

Editorial portrait for World Magazine
Vanessa Moreau-Sipiere owns Centurion Freight Forwarding specializing in shipping horses and cattle to the middle east.

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Editorial Portrait Job for Totem

Editorial Portrait Assignment

Just finished an editorial portrait assignment for Totem a design firm in Toronto. They wanted an edgy picture of Jon Ikeda, the head of Acura North America.  That is unusual for me because most of the editorial photography of corporate executives has been much more conservative and there is little personal revelation between myself and the subject. In this case, it was quite the opposite. Continue reading “Editorial Portrait Job for Totem”

Editorial Style Portrait Photography

Editorial Portrait Photography

I like it when the work is hard and my clients ask me to do difficult things on the edge of my capacity.  Now, after 30 years working in editorial portrait photography, much of my work is easy. It is not that I don’t work hard, but I don’t struggle to see what and how to do things any longer. I “see” editorial portrait before I have raised a camera. I see the idea, composition, lighting and approach quickly; too quickly I think.  Continue reading “Editorial Style Portrait Photography”