Corporate Photography Project

Just finished a corporate lifestyle photography project for The Online Trading Academy. The art director wanted everything very naturally lit so for the desired corporate aesthetic we used available light and Ice Lights with a custom color balance for the a very natural look. Of course we brought everything but the kitchen sink and ended up shooting to iPad Pro for mobility. Continue reading “Corporate Photography Project”

Lufthansa Editorial Assignment for Planet Magazine

Editorial Photography for commercial magazine

Lufthansa’s Planet Magazine asked me to photograph Orlando Wong of Able Freight; one of their freight customers. The editorial assignment was for portraits and reportage of agricultural operations that produce strawberries for shipment world wide via Lufthansa air freight, hence  the combination of  Photojournalism and Portrait work.

They wanted a photographic look consistent with my website, which means, they wanted what I do. When clients tell me they want what I do it always feels good. Continue reading “Lufthansa Editorial Assignment for Planet Magazine”