Industrial photography for biotech company Edeniq

I got a call from a communications manager at Edeniq, a biotechnology company, which processes corn kernel fiber into cellulosic ethanol for use in bio fuels.

She needed content for their website and publications highlighting their scientists, and research and development lab near Fresno California.

industrial and pharmaceutical photography
Edeniq field engineer at chemical processing plant.

Failing to find a suitable photographer in the area they sought a photographer in Los Angeles with a strong body of work in biotech and industrial photography. So they hired me to create a narrative of their efforts in and around their research and development lab.

laboratory photography
Lab technician testing solution at Edeniq laboratory.

I worked closely with the communications manager who pretty much just cut me loose and washed me work. With some initial input from her, I was able to work quickly because of the density of scientists and technicians working all at once.

lab and pharmaceutical photography
Lab technician at Edeniq laboratory. Chemical solutions in foreground.
Pharmaceutical and industrial photographer
field engineer at chemical processing plant.

After finishing up in the laboratory, we went out to their processing and testing facilities to capture some industrial photography highlighting the folks who worked there.


pharma and industrial photographer
Engineer at chemical processing facility.

I loved the assignment because the photography assignment because it was so target rich and limited restrictions. Those conditions are difficult to achieve when working for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

pharmaceutical and industrial photography
Laboratory technicians at laboratory

Below is my favorite photograph from the whole shoot. A macro shot of a drop of solutions coming out of a pipette. It took about 20 minutes to setup and shoot. First we had to secure the pipette and solution, then stabilize then stabilize such a small instrument so I could shoot it with tiny depth of field.

Industrial and pharmaceutical photography
Macro photography of solution from pipette in chemistry laboratory

Scenes like the images below were common and this very active lab so all I had to do was to recognize the great images and foresee them before they happened so I could be ready.

Los Angeles industrial photographer
Laboratory technician at testing facility.
pharma photography
Lab technician and biochemist running analysis in laboratory

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