Industrial Photographer for Edeniq content project

Edeniq Biofuels was looking for an industrial photographer with a background in biochemical and industrial photography to provide content for its new website. Their facilities were located near Fresno, CA and , finding not one industrial photographer in the area, they looked in Los Angeles and found me. Thank you Google.

Pharmaceutical and industrial photography
Lab technician and biochemist running analysis in laboratory

When I got to the lab, it was hopping with the activity of working scientists and technicians analyzing, testing and formulating chemicals for the biofuels industry. So I did not have to choreograph much. Sometimes when things are quiet, I need to step in and setup images that represent what actually happens in a client’s lab. I figure that they do not pay me to sit and wait for the perfect moment.

lab and pharmaceutical photography
Lab technician at Edeniq laboratory. Chemical solutions in foreground.
Industrial and pharmaceutical photography
Macro photography of solution from pipette in chemistry laboratory

This was one of my favorite images from the shoot and often, as an industrial photographer ,I don’t have options for good macro photography that speaks to what goes on at a site. This was perfect.

We used just a tiny bit of light for accent and a lot of frames to capture the drop of chemical solution as it came out of a pipette.

pharma and industrial photographer
Engineer at chemical processing facility.

Being an industrial photographer means I have to wear many hats. I have to switch from portraiture, to macro photography, to architectural photography to feature photography without blinking an eye. I seldom say no, but I do say “Yes, but….” This assignment went smoothly and I was able to transition from shooting in a lab to a processing plant without a hitch.  I love the variety of demands placed on me and the fast pace  at which I have to work.

I have been and industrial photographer for a long time now and have come to appreciate the difficult assignments; the ones where the images are difficult to see or the pace is really fast and demands varied. The challenge is what is satisfying.

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