Corporate Event Photography

I get hired to shoot a lot of corporate events; sometimes for major corporations and sometimes for municipalities putting on public engagement events but in the end it is all about narrative and engagement.

Corporate PR event

Airbnb Marketing Event .

Some moments are not predictable and require experience to anticipate a beautiful image that capture the humanity of the event. Mostly what clients want are these moments they can share on social media to promote an experience that they sponsor.

Corporate Event

speakers at the RFID event in Las Vegas. a must have during any corporate event. I always look for hand gestures to give a sense of engagement.

Other times the moments are predictable and status quo but they are necessary nevertheless. When it comes to talking heads it is the hands and facial gestures that convey engagements.

Standard Corporate event audience picture

The audience at the RFID event in Las Vegas. At any corporate event an audience with the stage in the background is part of my “must have bag”. Corporate and institutional clients expect this and if I had a tripod on me, I would have shot a 2nd exposure for the stage.

Often overlooked by clients is the audience and stage in the background to give an overview of their event.  Also important to capture is direct audience engagement with the person on the state. It is all part of the narrative.

Audience reaction

Audience reaction at event


The overall narrative of talking heads and crowd shots the minimum my corporate clients expect but it  is the departure point and the also ask for moments of engagement that we don’t normally expect from corporate events; something that people can relate with.

Corporate Public Relations

Audience engagement during a Block Party Event sponsored by Delta Airlines at LA Live


participant egangement image

An audience member engaged with the speakers at a corporate event.

I always look for and anticipate points of inflection where people are emotionally responding to people on stage or events so I can round out the event I  am photographing. Emotion is what binds the audience to event.  These kinds of images are greatly valued by my clients for their social media value.

Corporate inaugural event.

Richard Branson and family at the inaugural launch of the White Knight Space Plane. Lots of planning and preparation for this huge event. Additionally I had to anticipate moments to ensure .

In this picture of Richard Branson launching the Virgin Galactic’s White Knight Space Plane, I had to anticipate the possible moment and place myself at a point where I would not miss it.

It was one of the “must have” moments of the day and the client was expecting a great image out of this moment. That is where experience comes in. I was one of two corporate photographers hired for  the event and had  privileged access which allows me to place myself where the throngs of press photographers could not. I cannot imagine how Virgin would have reacted if I did not get the shot.

Public relations event

American Sumo restlers at a Southland Casino. Shot for the New York Times.

along with the standard event images and the emotion there are sometimes quirky moments that last for a only a few seconds and you have to respond in a flash and know exactly what to do and how to do it.

In both cases above and below the images were fleeting and I managed to get them  for my respective clients.


Corporate community event

Event photography of National Night Out event sponsored by Target Store. Once again my experience as a photojournalist allowed me to anticipate and recognize great images.

Non Profit event

Candidate Hillary Clinton addresses the crowd at a NALEO event in Las Vegas.

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