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Commercial event photographer | Ed Carreon Photography:

When I wear my corporate photographer hat I shoot business lifestyle images or board room narratives for my corporate clients or industry workers for annual reports or CSR’s. But the funnest work I do is when I put on my commercial  event photographer hat, like the assignment I just shot for Chevron.

I was asked to cover a couple Chevron’s Soccer Camps with the specific request to show the fun and emotion that happens at the camps. I am not a sports photographer which the client understood.

What the art director really wanted was the emotions, fun and engagement among the players and coaches, and I did just that. The coaches were dynamic, engaging and driven to teach and the kids were kinetic an ebulent and fun, so I had all the elements a photojournalist needs to create great images for a commercial client.

Overall I had an easy time of it because there were so many genuine moments. That said,  my time as a photojournalist taught me how to anticipate moments of human interaction like which side heads will fall when you anticipate two people hugging or when there will be an emotional reaction after an event or who is most likely to emote in the most visual way. All this contributes to the success of an as a commercial event photographer.

event photographer anticipates moment of victory.
Girls celebrate a soccer goal at the Chevron Soccer Camp in Los Angeles.
commercial event photographer shows inspiring moment at event.
building team spirit at corporate sponsored event
commercial event photographer campers real moment at event
Event staff have fun with kids at soccer event.
Commercial event photography captures sports at soccer camp event.
Kids play matches at soccer camp.
photograph of real moments
Team mates celebrate their victory at the Chevron Soccer Camp event.
real moments at soccer camp event.
Coaches engage with youth at Chevron Soccer camp event
Event photography of authentic moments.
Team mates have fun at a soccer camp sponsored by Chevron who asked me to show the “fun and drama” as I photographed the event.
A teaching moment captured by commercial event photographer
Coach tries to teach a soccer lesson at a soccer camp event.
event photographer get the perfect moment at soccer camp.
Soccer practice at soccer camp.

Corporate Headshots and Portraits

I am beginning to get requests for corporate  headshots and portraits that are out of the ordinary and that reflect authenticity. Often clients will see images on my website and ask me to duplicate the style or they will tell me “We want the portraits to be different. More authentic and stylistically different than what we normally see in corporate headshots”.

These are the clients I most want to work for because they will take a little risk and give me license to dome something more interesting than a typical corporate headshot and portraits They will also pay more money for what they want. They are the clients that I most love working with because it becomes a challenge; something I am in great need of these days.

The two images below were among a dozen corporate portraits that I created for Entertainment Partners which was seeking a stylistically different approach to the corporate headshot. Since they service the entertainment industry, they felt that they could be more creative in their portrayal of their leadership.

Corporate Headshots and Corporate Portraits
Portraits commissioned by Entertainment Partners; the purpose of which was to creat portraits that were stylistically different than what you would expect from a corporate headshot.
Since they service the entertainment industry, they felt that the images of their corporate leadership could be stylistically divergent for the bread and butter corporate headshots most companies produce.

I was asked to shoot a series of portraits for Thales Corp. for a social media campaign. The challenge was making employees look authentic and interesting. Thales was adamant about the portraits not looking like corporate headshots.

So for these portraits, I set up blinds on either side of the subjects with colleagues on either side carrying on a conversation with the subject. So the subject was carrying on a a conversation with three people including myself.

My purpose was to force the subjects into a slightly disorienting situation so they would forget they were being photographed. Kind of like trying to juggle three balls and carry on a conversation.

Every body had fun and I was able to get from my subjects moments of authenticity that I may not have gotten otherwise.  The client loved the portraits.


Corporate portraits and headshots
Shot for Thales Corp. these series of images are my recent favorites.


Corporate portraits and headshots
Shot for Thales Corp. these series of images are my recent favorites.


The images shot below were part of a series of portraits shot for Virgin Galactic. They asked for environmental portraits of their engineering and science staff but I found that the light from open windows was so beautiful I did not have to use any strobes. We just used reflectors and negative fills to shape and fill these corporate headshots.

alternative corporeate headshots
Portraits shot for Virgin Galactic at their Long Beach and Mojave facilities.

Additionally, we have been doing composite business portraits to scale; although for these I work with a post production contractor to make the composite work affordable.

Business portraiture for Price Waterhouse
Corporate portrait for Price Waterhouse recruitment campaign.

The images below are part of a large headshot project we did for Griffen Capital, who asked if we could shoot 110 people over two days and swap out the backgrounds on everyone.  Initially I thought this would be a loss leader because I had never done this before but I would do it just to see how it could be done at a profit. I think it worked out for my client and myself and now we do this on a regular basis for other clients.

We do a fair share of corporate headshots and portraits in Los Angeles and I think swapping out the backgrounds is a great way to create a difference for the company wiling to use that option.

Corporate headshot photography
Part of a 110 person project we did over two days; after which we swapped out the background on everybody,
Corporate portraits
Part of a 110 person project we did over two days; after which we swapped out the background on everybody,

Microvention multi genre healthcare photography project

Healthcare photography assignment

Microvention called me to ask if I would be interested doing a healthcare photography project shooting images for their branding needs and content library.

The assignment was originally just images of surgeons using their technology but became much larger after we started talking. They saw my business lifestyle images as well as pharmaceutical work and thought I could handle all their needs during a three day shoot.

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Corporate Photography Assignment for Virgin Galactic

On my first corporate photography assignment for Virgin Galactic (The Space Ship Company) we had a really big work load to complete but they kept adding to it and I hate being rushed into a mediocre job.

Fortunately I responded with a good idea under pressure. After shooting lit groups shots, and miscellaneous items they ask me to shoot astronauts, managers and engineers and instead of lighting them with strobes I opened the 38 ft tall bay doors and let the light flood in… Continue reading “Corporate Photography Assignment for Virgin Galactic”

Clean Energy Fuels Photoshoot

Industrial Photography

We recently completed a corporate and industrial photography assignment for  Energy Fuels via Los Angeles based design firm Area Lab.

The Clean Energy folks were great to work with and their corporate office was well lit and beautifully designed, which made my work a bit easier. Also the subjects at their fueling facilities were easy to work with and the design firm, Area Lab‘s creative director knew what he wanted but was open to my ideas, which made for a great working relationship.

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Corporate Photography Project

Just finished a corporate lifestyle photography project for The Online Trading Academy. The art director wanted everything very naturally lit so for the desired corporate aesthetic we used available light and Ice Lights with a custom color balance for the a very natural look. Of course we brought everything but the kitchen sink and ended up shooting to iPad Pro for mobility. Continue reading “Corporate Photography Project”

Lufthansa Editorial Assignment for Planet Magazine

Editorial Photography for commercial magazine

Lufthansa’s Planet Magazine asked me to photograph Orlando Wong of Able Freight; one of their freight customers. The editorial assignment was for portraits and reportage of agricultural operations that produce strawberries for shipment world wide via Lufthansa air freight, hence  the combination of  Photojournalism and Portrait work.

They wanted a photographic look consistent with my website, which means, they wanted what I do. When clients tell me they want what I do it always feels good. Continue reading “Lufthansa Editorial Assignment for Planet Magazine”