Microvention multi genre healthcare photography project

Healthcare photography assignment

Microvention called me to ask if I would be interested doing a healthcare photography project shooting images for their branding needs and content library.

The assignment was originally just images of surgeons using their technology but became much larger after we started talking. They saw my business lifestyle images as well as pharmaceutical work and thought I could handle all their needs during a three day shoot.

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Editorial Style Portrait Photography

Editorial Portrait Photography

I like it when the work is hard and my clients ask me to do difficult things on the edge of my capacity.  Now, after 30 years working in editorial portrait photography, much of my work is easy. It is not that I don’t work hard, but I don’t struggle to see what and how to do things any longer. I “see” editorial portrait before I have raised a camera. I see the idea, composition, lighting and approach quickly; too quickly I think.  Continue reading “Editorial Style Portrait Photography”